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Founder: Jigar Chavda

I write about personal finance, Investing, passive income and Income growth hacks.
I believe that personal finance is more of an art and less of a science. 
Personal finance is a basic art that everyone should be aware of. Unfortunately, it is not taught in school.
But anyway, I will do that on behalf of your school.

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What Our Readers Say

Jigar Chavda is the best guide for anyone who wants to learn personal finance. His blog has helped me a lot in understanding new concepts, instruments, methods and terminologies of personal finance. I'd also subscribed one of his courses, which changed my perspective and also made me introduce to the best practices with regards to Personal Finance.
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Nilesh Hira
Chartered Accountant
Jigar’s book has answer to all your questions. Don't just read it, apply it and live by it. Structured nicely and given with analogy and example can related with one's current scenario.  Must read for anyone who wants to manage their finances and get holds to basic financial knowledge
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Binay Agrawal
Senior Information Security Analyst
Jigar's Ebook on Personal Finance is a great handbook for people to learn & understand every aspect of personal finance and the best ways to manage their income, expenses, savings & investments. I really like how he explains the formulas & examples in an easy to understand way.
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Vishal Dharamdas
Digital Marketing Consultant

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