My Mom always advises me share whatever I have, with someone who needs more than me.


FinanciallyPro- Personal Finance blog dedicated to youngster, is also started with same intention.

I am pursuing one of the most professional course i.e. Charered Accountancy course, I learnt so called complicated and difficult topics like personal finance, Investing, income tax.

Reason to start personal finance blog is to simplify complicated topics for you.

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I won’t talk much about me. Let’s discuss something about you

What can you expect from JD?

I am writing about situations what youngsters faces in early stage of their life and how to handle it smartly. Our education is framed in such a way that people knows nothing about basics of managing money, personal finance and investing. So, even after completing graduation or even masters, we lack that skills.

So I will help you in simplifying all complicated topics and present you in simplest way possible in form of action oriented step-by-step guide, indepth articles on personal finance and investing, simplifying taxation etc.


Why I started personal finance blog?

As a child, I too had blurred dreams and uncleared vision. But after completing schooling and entering chartered accountancy course, I have been very fascinated for learning personal finance and investing. I never got bored to learn it. Even at night after office, i can spend hours reading about it. So, to share my passion and helping youngster in solving there problems, I create this asset(blog).

After brainstorming and analyzing my other skills, personal finance was something which i know and i would love the process of sharing it with others.

I am on Mission…

To help people and solve real life problems with knowledge I have related to personal finance and investing.


Some help from yourside

Whatever research I do to know about my readers, i won’t be sure and it would just be an estimate.

It would be an honor for me if you can comment below. I will be Win-Win situation. I will love to know what you expect from me and my blog and how can i help you? I personally read and reply each and every comment.

I want to know more about you, your dreams, your passion, your expectation?

Just comment it. I will be more than happy to know about you!