How I found my Passion at and some practical advice for you

I still remember my childhood dreams, to become rich, to have big car&house. I didn’t doubt myself even little at that time.

As a child I had more confidence in me. But child in me didn’t die. I didn’t let it die anyhow, to show me the way and guide me at every stage. I cleared all my doubt heading towards my passion and dreams with faith on me.

I remember when I completed my schooling, i was browsing some financial courses i can opt for along with my graduation. Many options were available. I searched and searched and searched.

I listed down some of the best course like CFA, CFP etc. There I came to know about one word “Personal Finance”. Being from commerce background corporate finance was nothing new to me but the word “personal finance” was something new for me. It still drives me crazy.

I started understanding about it in more detail. I didn’t let any book slip from my searching eye. I started reading books and listening different authors. I knew that this is something which I want. Still i have not started any of this course. But sometimes getting any qualification or degree does not matter.  I may start any of this course later but now i don’t have any intention of doing it.

“Child in me was alive again, showing me way towards my dream.”

Learning about personal finance was real fun for me. I was curious to know each and every thing about it. Now after year of finding what I want to do in my life, i still spend 80% of my time in learning it and 20% trying to do. Taking action becomes very important. I am still learning, but 20% is also having greater effect now.

Although I know that I am passionate for personal finance, still i am learning digital marketing, copywriting, public speaking, networking etc. I don’t know which skills i can grow. So experimenting is only option.

Believe in your self. You won’t know when miracles will happen to you. When your dream would come true.

There is no sure and straight way to find your passion. You need to understand yourself. Check and try everything you can when you are young. This will help you to know which kind of work suits you.

Being young you have time and energy. But once you are settled, you would be bombarded with responsibilities which will not let you try new things and your passion will never come out.

So start taking action NOW.

Pick up certain things you like and start working on it. Whether you’ll get money or not, whether you like it or not doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter when you are learning. What matter is how you are able to do that work. Temporarily bad feelings will come. You need to ignore it. Start developing different skills. You may think that such skills won’t be useful to you.

But let me remind you speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford University where he talks about

Look in your past, you can connect dots and each and every situation must have played a role to bring you here.You can’t connect dots looking forward.

Avoid temporary feeling. Sometimes you may feel like leaving everything. But distracting from it would take you away from your goal.

Try out everything you can when you are young. After doing certain things, check out that where you found yourself to be more happy. I am sure that you would find it once you start understanding it.

“In the end we only regret the chances we do not take.”

You shouldn’t be regret of not doing something. So, do anything which you want to do. Soon you’ll realise it whether you like it or not.

But trying is important. You should be curious enough to take actions.

After while of spending time doing things you want, you’ll understand whether such kind of work suits you or not.

If you are still young then you are lucky because you have time to do different things. But if you are in job and have family responsibility, then you should try to do side by side.

“It is not necessary to make your passion, a profession.”

Your passion may be dancing but you are doing job. It is ok. So just thinking about making profession from passion may not work. You may enjoy your passion even if it is not profession.

Profession only means your way to earn money.

Let’s say your passion is playing guitar. But not necessary that you should make your profession and earn your bread butter from it. Sometimes just spending quality time with your loved one and playing guitar may be the best time.

Soon child within you will let you know whats your passion.

But don’t stop until you find it.

And don’t forget to tell me once you find it.

Do comment if you are already following your passion!!

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Jigar Chavda

Passionate young guy for personal finance, wealth creation and marketing. He is following his dream and passion to be writer, speaker, blogger and advisor.


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